Dealing With Food Etiquette in a Russian Marriage

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A recent survey that was done on Russian ladies dating sites came up with this news that nearly 20-25% of Russian women have a child from their first marriage. Chances to get married for these Russian girls for the second time in their own country were found nil as Russian men had difficulty in accepting a Russian woman with a child of her previous marriage. This increased the inclination for Russian women to look for westerners or foreign men as their lifetime partners. Another reason for this inclination towards foreign men was that Russia always found to have a deficit population of men compared to their counterpart. russian grocery store

Sometimes Russian females find western men as a better life partner than their Russian men as they believe that foreign men are the most caring, family-oriented husbands who make better decisions. Whatever the reasons could be, but Russian ladies apply to many dating sites in their search of a perfect man as their life partner.

Even western men are also attracted to Russian girls and show interest in marrying them. They are attracted by the beauty of Russian women and this may be one of the most important reasons. Russian females understand this and try to be as attractive as possible in order to get their husbands. Women always have intense desire to be beautiful. It turns out to be the only way she can get herself married easily and sooner.

When we talk about the beauty of Russian women, let us know what exactly they do for getting into a perfect shape and figure. Russian ladies prefer to do a lot of walking, eat less food and do a proper make-up besides grooming themselves well. Most of them knit their own clothes, follow diets on food and do exercises suggested by personal trainers. Maybe all this explains why western men find Russian women prettier than their western women.

About 90% of Russian females in the Internet dating sites have college or university degrees. People in Russia have better general knowledge than people from other countries. But Russian girls put greater importance on finding a suitable partner for marriage than on making their own careers.Russian girls have traditional family values. It is true that family is very important for Russian ladies.

Speaking about education, more than 90% of Russian women in the internet are found to be graduates with university degrees. Russian brides or men are found to be more intelligent than western people though the education system is more specialized when it comes to the west. Russian females however give more importance to family life once they are married and most of them give up their careers. This attitude will not be found in the west where women are more career-oriented. Traditional family values are also seen more in Russian women as they are brought up in the atmosphere of a loving family during their younger days.


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