3 Tips for Getting Your Song Heard Online

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Few contemporary music fans listen to songs on compact discs or cassettes anymore. Digital music is the new craze, and most consumers are accustomed to listening to MP3 downloads or streaming media. This has made the monetization of music more complicated, but it has increased the ease with which you can get your song heard online.

Potential fans can download a song from anywhere in the world, and it costs little-to-nothing to get your music to the end-user in today’s climate. Listeners want easy access to downloads of MP3 songs from their favorite artists, and, by providing lots of them through different content delivery systems, you can reach new fans with ease. Let’s take a look at 3 easy tips that you can follow to spread your music online. visit:-lagu123zone

Allow Fans to Stream or Download a Song for Free

From the perspective of the consumer, there is much less risk involved in checking out a new artist when MP3 downloads or streaming media are offered for free. This gives them the opportunity to listen to your sound without having to fork over cash up front.

While some musicians are uncomfortable with the idea of offering free downloads of MP3 songs, it is a fairly common practice in the modern music industry. Such a strategy preempts the activities of file sharers and gives you more control over how people find your music. Music collectors will still pay for albums or downloads of MP3 songs even if some are offered for free, so it is advisable to reduce the risk involved in checking out your music.

Promote an Embedded MP3 Player on Social Media Websites

Social media has become a top platform for the presentation of viral content. Status updates carry links to lots of useful pieces of information, and many consumers are accustomed to finding out about new bands by checking out the songs that their friends post on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

To get the best results, you may want to post an embedded MP3 player on your social media sites. Embedded players are more convenient as they can be played without leaving the current page. On Facebook, for example, this allows users to listen to your MP3 song while continuing to browse the news feed.

Push Your MP3 Download Link to Music Blogs with a Press Release

Many music blogs carry the latest news from independent bands. By linking your MP3 downloads in properly formatted press releases, you will find that many blogs will begin to cover your news and drive traffic to your site.

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